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Miranda Kerr Getting some Sun in Bondi and looking sexy.

Miranda Kerr Getting some Sun in Bondiand looking sexy.
Miranda Kerr was turning heads once aggainand not just the head of her a list boy friend orlando bloomMiranda Kerr was seen in a sexy photo shoot in Bondi.Miranda has been seen wearing up comming summers new sexy bikiniselections for david jones and boy to these bikinis look hotI mean doesnt Miranda look Hot. Miranda Kerr also let the media knowthe word on her up comming proposal or if she was allready endaged toOrlanda Bloom Miranda said its complete baloney and its not true,shes getting really sick of the reports the media is makign upabout the star studded cople. Orlando Bloom has threatned to dumpMiranda Kerr if she does not accept his next proposal for marriageMiranda keeps telling him she is too young to get married and wants to wait.