Miranda Kerr does nude shoot!

Miranda kerr has been doing quite a few shots full nude recently,after her cover shoot on rolling stone magazine she has been in highdemand for more nude cover shots from other magazines and companieswho are willing to pay a preimum price to see Miranda kerr nude and promotingtheir product, as the saying goes sex sells now doesnt it. Now Miranda kerrs latest nude shoot is with Pirelli for their upcommingcalander sure whill sell some wheels.Other reports about Miranda Kerr show that Orland bloom has requested tomarry her twice but miranda has knocked him back, funny enoughthe couple has not really shown a break in their relation ship taking owner shipof a 13 million dollar mansion in malabu. Miranda Kerr will be back in Australia in early August to promote forDavid Jones. 1st June 2009Miranda Kerr is featured nude on the rolling stone magazine cover,out aussie babe Miranda Kerr has scored a huge feature been basically nude on the cover of rolling stones magazine one of the biggest magazine in the USA and she look dam HOT.17th April 2009 Miranda Kerr has recently stated that she is very keen to have children very soon the Victoria’s secret babe, has ambitions to make a children’s book and then to have a country estate some where in Australia. Miranda Keer understands that she cant be a successful model for every so she needs to create a back up stream of revenue.

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