Miranda Kerr and Orlando bloom news!

Orland bloom proposed to Miranda Kerr? The word on the street is that Orland has popped the question, but like many times in the past its been a lie.October 19th 2009 –
Just saw a story on the news today that Miranda Kerr had been in a altercation with a man who had made threats to Miranda Kerrand her boyfriend Orland bloom. The Queensland based man madeseveral threats to Miranda Kerr and her boyfriends and as aresult security has been beefed up for the super model whois a very popular model for Victoria’s secret and the numberone Australian model at the moment.
At a recent event in Brisbane security was very tight for Miranda Kerrand police did bag checks to make sure that Miranda Kerr was in noharm from any one. Miranda has been heavily featured in manyMagazines and news articles recently with rumors that shewas suffering eating disorders. These claims are obviously not trueMiranda just keeps her stunning body shape fromeating healthy.1st September 2009 – Miranda Kerr has been seen in Melbourne recently. Some of our affiliates were able to get some exclusive photos of Miranda Kerr in Melbourne for you to view.

Miranda Kerr Getting some Sun in Bondi and looking sexy.

Miranda Kerr Getting some Sun in Bondiand looking sexy.
Miranda Kerr was turning heads once aggainand not just the head of her a list boy friend orlando bloomMiranda Kerr was seen in a sexy photo shoot in Bondi.Miranda has been seen wearing up comming summers new sexy bikiniselections for david jones and boy to these bikinis look hotI mean doesnt Miranda look Hot. Miranda Kerr also let the media knowthe word on her up comming proposal or if she was allready endaged toOrlanda Bloom Miranda said its complete baloney and its not true,shes getting really sick of the reports the media is makign upabout the star studded cople. Orlando Bloom has threatned to dumpMiranda Kerr if she does not accept his next proposal for marriageMiranda keeps telling him she is too young to get married and wants to wait.

Miranda Kerr does nude shoot!

Miranda kerr has been doing quite a few shots full nude recently,after her cover shoot on rolling stone magazine she has been in highdemand for more nude cover shots from other magazines and companieswho are willing to pay a preimum price to see Miranda kerr nude and promotingtheir product, as the saying goes sex sells now doesnt it. Now Miranda kerrs latest nude shoot is with Pirelli for their upcommingcalander sure whill sell some wheels.Other reports about Miranda Kerr show that Orland bloom has requested tomarry her twice but miranda has knocked him back, funny enoughthe couple has not really shown a break in their relation ship taking owner shipof a 13 million dollar mansion in malabu. Miranda Kerr will be back in Australia in early August to promote forDavid Jones. 1st June 2009Miranda Kerr is featured nude on the rolling stone magazine cover,out aussie babe Miranda Kerr has scored a huge feature been basically nude on the cover of rolling stones magazine one of the biggest magazine in the USA and she look dam HOT.17th April 2009 Miranda Kerr has recently stated that she is very keen to have children very soon the Victoria’s secret babe, has ambitions to make a children’s book and then to have a country estate some where in Australia. Miranda Keer understands that she cant be a successful model for every so she needs to create a back up stream of revenue.

Miranda Kerr to be named after a virgin airlines plane

Miranda Kerr to be named after a virgin airlines plane
The latest thing in Miranda Kerr’s impressive portfolio willnot be just another photo shoot but she will be named after a air craftquite a stunning feet, Miss Kerr has taken Sir Richard Bransoneye and he wants Miranda to be the name on one of his new 7 planeswhich will take flight on the V-Australia fleet from LA to Sydney.Great news for the sunning super model Miranda.

Orlando bloom and miranda kerr have japanese for dinner.

Orlando bloom and miranda kerr have japanese for dinner.
On Feburary 14th miranda kerr and orlando bloom were spotted having a romantic dinner date,Orlando bloom has been with miranda kerr for a while now yet they have been keeping things quite secret,their dinner date at the trendy Katsu-Ya restaurant in hollywood. Both miranda and orlando showed a greatdress presence, orland sporting a grey scarf to go with his form fitting black top and distressed black trousersand miranda kerr sporting a black jacket/black top/skinny jeans combo.

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom SET TO MARRY!

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom SET TO MARRY!!!
Miranda Kerr is set to walk down the aisle next year, but this time its not for a exclusive fashion show with Victorias secret,Miranda Kerr is getting married to Orlando bloom. The 25 year old stunner was engaged to the pirates of the Caribbean heart throb just last week.They have been living together for some time in new York and the engagement took place in a very romantic area of Venice.Miranda Kerr has stated numerous time that she wishes to have children and that she wants to live on a farm.A exact date for the wedding to take place has not yet been made but said to take place mid next year.

Miranda Kerr has recently told Australian newspapers that she knows that her modelling career will not last foreverRed more on the News page Also Please bookmark our site, if you are a fan of Miranda Kerr, this site will be updated every time new is sourced on Miranda, he is one of the hottest models out at the moment and has a massive future. September 10th Miranda Kerr has featured on the Brw’s top 50 entertainers for 2008 in Australia ahead of miss universe Jen Hawkins Miranda Kerr pulled in all most 4 million dollars in the previous year from victories secret deals and promos from various things.

Miranda Kerr Genetics and David Jones Job!

Miranda Kerr the brand new face for David Jones,describes herself as blessed with good genetics.Miranda the New York based Australian model, Miranda Kerr, 25, took over where glamour girl Megan Gale left off six months ago. “Megan’s done such a wonderful job,” “I just hope customers like me as much as they like her.” US lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret describing Miranda as having her own style, Miranda states “I was blessed with good genetics, but my essence is very happy and warm and I don’t take my job too seriously. I am not saving lives here.””It’s flirty and fun,” Miranda said.
August 6th 2008 Miranda kerr at the new david jones launch,Miranda kerr has taken over the position of megan gale to become thefashion ambassador for the companys summer 2008 collection.Miranda kerr stepped out in the hop pink swim suite.*A feathered head dress.*A 50s style skirt and frilled dress.* A sexy hot pink dresses indicating it may be the new black of next summer.Miranda kerr in closed the show wearing a beaded silver dress by Collette Dinnigan.Pictures from this event click here. Also miranda kerr on Rove live video added.

Miranda exposes boobs during a fundraiser!

Miranda exposes boobs during a fundraiser
Australian model Miranda Kerr exposed more than what she intended when part of her left boob popped out of her dress during a fundraiser held by former Soviet Union president, Mikhail Gorbachev.
Wednesday, June 13th 2008
Miranda Kerr Orlando Bloom still a item.”Life is great at the moment,” Bloom, 31, told PEOPLE. “I’ve just finished a play in the West End, which I really enjoyed, and am about to start filming a new movie. It really couldn’t be any better.”

Miranda Kerr’s Organic Lifestyle

Miranda Kerr’s going green
The Victoria’s Secret model and girlfriend to Hollywood star Orlando Bloom says she is a greenie.
“I always pull plugs out of the wall when I’m not using appliances, ride my bike everywhere in New York and am passionate about organic food,” Kerr tells Madison magazine’s “green” issue, which goes on sale tomorrow. 3rd May 2008 10years from now Miranda hopes to have 3 children …living in a solar powered house with a veggies patch in the backyard.
She is also writing a childrens book.
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Miranda Kerr David Jones Top Job

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ORLANDO BLOOM most eligible bachelor by Cosmopolitan magazine – is now OFF the market.
Orlando was spotted canoodling with Australian model MIRANDA KERR at a Victoria’s Secret after show party.
“looked really happy together, and spent most of the evening cuddling and touching each other. They definitely looked like a couple”