Miranda Kerr Pictures

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  1. I love u..:))

  2. hi nice to meet u .
    i can not speek english
    can you email sam picturs of yours for me?

  3. i love you too

  4. Here I have been only able to see part of a photo with her in a white bikini.I do not know why other pictures are not showing.I clicked various areas.I think it is funny in a way thattopless pictures on some sites are partly blocked but not when someone is pregnant.That is an interesting thing to think about but I suppose it is in what context is used.maybe anything else that i could write may be unsuitable.For example,why is a piece of the body in one situation allright,but not in another situation.

  5. i love you. honey!!!

  6. ur so sexyyyy and fyi im a girl but i still luv u soooo much,,,,,,,,,fyi im lesbo i m sexy and i know it but ur even more sexy than me

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