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Miranda Kerr Genetics and David Jones Job!

Miranda Kerr the brand new face for David Jones,describes herself as blessed with good genetics.Miranda the New York based Australian model, Miranda Kerr, 25, took over where glamour girl Megan Gale left off six months ago. “Megan’s done such a wonderful job,” “I just hope customers like me as much as they like her.” US lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret describing Miranda as having her own style, Miranda states “I was blessed with good genetics, but my essence is very happy and warm and I don’t take my job too seriously. I am not saving lives here.””It’s flirty and fun,” Miranda said.
August 6th 2008 Miranda kerr at the new david jones launch,Miranda kerr has taken over the position of megan gale to become thefashion ambassador for the companys summer 2008 collection.Miranda kerr stepped out in the hop pink swim suite.*A feathered head dress.*A 50s style skirt and frilled dress.* A sexy hot pink dresses indicating it may be the new black of next summer.Miranda kerr in closed the show wearing a beaded silver dress by Collette Dinnigan.Pictures from this event click here. Also miranda kerr on Rove live video added.