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Miranda Kerr and Orlando bloom news!

Orland bloom proposed to Miranda Kerr? The word on the street is that Orland has popped the question, but like many times in the past its been a lie.October 19th 2009 –
Just saw a story on the news today that Miranda Kerr had been¬†in a altercation with a man who had made threats to Miranda Kerrand her boyfriend Orland bloom. The Queensland based man madeseveral threats to Miranda Kerr and her boyfriends and as aresult security has been beefed up for the super model whois a very popular model for Victoria’s secret and the numberone Australian model at the moment.
At a recent event in Brisbane security was very tight for Miranda Kerrand police did bag checks to make sure that Miranda Kerr was in noharm from any one. Miranda has been heavily featured in manyMagazines and news articles recently with rumors that shewas suffering eating disorders. These claims are obviously not trueMiranda just keeps her stunning body shape fromeating healthy.1st September 2009 –¬†Miranda Kerr has been seen in Melbourne recently. Some of our affiliates were able to get some exclusive photos of Miranda Kerr in Melbourne for you to view.