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Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom SET TO MARRY!

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom SET TO MARRY!!!
Miranda Kerr is set to walk down the aisle next year, but this time its not for a exclusive fashion show with Victorias secret,Miranda Kerr is getting married to Orlando bloom. The 25 year old stunner was engaged to the pirates of the Caribbean heart throb just last week.They have been living together for some time in new York and the engagement took place in a very romantic area of Venice.Miranda Kerr has stated numerous time that she wishes to have children and that she wants to live on a farm.A exact date for the wedding to take place has not yet been made but said to take place mid next year.

Miranda Kerr has recently told Australian newspapers that she knows that her modelling career will not last foreverRed more on the News page Also Please bookmark our site, if you are a fan of Miranda Kerr, this site will be updated every time new is sourced on Miranda, he is one of the hottest models out at the moment and has a massive future. September 10th Miranda Kerr has featured on the Brw’s top 50 entertainers for 2008 in Australia ahead of miss universe Jen Hawkins Miranda Kerr pulled in all most 4 million dollars in the previous year from victories secret deals and promos from various things.